Swift-Find is a global, detailed registry of valuables that deters the trade of stolen and unauthorized items. The registry allows Swift-Find to provide a number of services:
Register It! Register valuables on the global database
Report It! Report valuables when lost or stolen
Search It! Search a second-hand item before purchase to make sure it’s not lost and stolen
Compare It! Compare prices and buy and sell second-hand items

Swift-Find provides these services to consumers, businesses, pawnbrokers, auction houses, museums, dealers in valuable second-hand items,  insurance companies, retailers,  luxury goods producers,  finance companies, and  law enforcement agencies wishing to:

* Recover lost or stolen property
* Combat the trade of stolen valuables
* Avoid unwittingly buying or selling stolen objects
* Ensure meeting due diligence codes and standards
* Protect their businesses against fraud


A global, on-line, real-time registry of new, used and stolen valuables, Swift-Find is a critical tool for pawnbrokers, auction houses, insurance, and finance companies, law enforcement agencies and consumers to identify ownership and verify authenticity. Checking used valuables on Swift-Find before purchase will soon become the due diligence standard worldwide.

Created by retail, insurance and hi-tech executives, Swift-Find has the commitment, talent and resources to create the world on-line standard for verifying the validity and authenticity of used valuables in real time. Swift-Find is a limited company headquartered in the UK.

“I couldnt recommend Swift Find Highly Enough.  They managed to trace back some very valuable  assets that had both a business and high sentimental value.  A very sincere Thank You”  – Martha Tierney